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Bloom Day May 2017 (and assorted garden projects)

Photo taken last night, when I still hoped I could squeak this post in under the Bloom Day deadline, the 15th of every month, and be righteously on time, but it was not to be. Flash of red is from … Continue reading

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eat your dahlias

I’m halfway convinced to fill my vegetable garden this summer with dahlias. Beans and tomatoes were an epic fail last summer, and though zucchini were OK, I can find them cheap and local. But these beauties, however, will never be … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday, (courtesy of the OG)

Peter/Outlaw Gardener, that indefatigable daily blogger and all-around nice guy, raffled off some vases recently. (And look who’s a winner!) I found this fat little echeveria in the front garden and unceremoniously pulled him up by the roots to welcome … Continue reading

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cutflowers of summer

Dahlia coccinea ‘Orange,’ Mendocino Botanical Garden Thank goodness there’s not a crazy nativist strain complicating appreciation of summer’s most colorful annuals. The only walls associated with these summer beauties might be the ones surrounding your cutting garden (you lucky devil!) … Continue reading

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busy, busy

It’s spring. Feeling a little pressed for time yet? Join the club. Some of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks include: Cutting sweet peas from my mom’s vines. Buckets and buckets. Mine planted at the community garden … Continue reading

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And have a great holiday. Goldenrod, feverfew, olive, and eucalyptus.

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Wednesday vignette

A couple of loose ideas came together this morning in a slowburn, sleepy kind of way. I’ve been envious of large stands of Agave attenuata around town, wishing I could grab a crown for dramatic inclusion in a large vase, … Continue reading

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my mom’s sweet peas

thanks, Mom, for sending me home with sweet peas last night. As insurance, in the fall I planted sweet peas at my mom’s house as well as my community garden plot. I neglected to water the sweet peas at my … Continue reading

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Toyon, California Holly

This sturdy evergreen shrub native to California, Heteromeles arbutifolia, is also known as the Christmas Berry or California Holly. Here’s why: There’s an old urban legend that early European settlers in Los Angeles, where this holly lookalike grew especially abundant, … Continue reading

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a garden wedding

When someone who works in landscape design gets married, even the agaves are dressed for the occasion. Congratulations to Mary True and Cheryl Fippen on their recent wedding in Berkeley, California. Thank you both for your kind permission to use … Continue reading

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