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Up On A Pedestal

Which is where I place plants, figuratively and literally, as in this plinth of glass blocks for a frosty astelia. If something is laying around here long enough, it will eventually be recruited to combine with plants in some form … Continue reading

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Descanso’s Camellias are Short-Timers

From 7/27/10 New York Times on how public gardens are scrambling to keep visitors interested: “Because of environmental concerns, Descanso Gardens, near Los Angeles, is doing the once-unthinkable: it plans to uproot its historic — but nonnative — collection of … Continue reading

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Sybarites Unite!

The cats have completely taken over the biv, as they do all the choice sitting spots. Work schedule causes summer to hurtle along into fall. I know, I’m grateful in such perilous times to have the work. But amidst this … Continue reading

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Bivouaced With Gardens Illustrated

Or up in the “biv,” as we call it. I’ve never outgrown a desire for spending time in out-of-the-way spots, preferably off the ground. I spent considerable time in trees and on the roof as a kid. This particular bivouac … Continue reading

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Concentrated Color

Antique tiles from the California Heritage Museum’s 10th annual Antique and Contemporary Tile sale held this past weekend in Santa Monica, California.

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Where’d I Leave My Narciscissors?

The winning caption in the June 14 issue of The New Yorker. “That’s it. I’m returning those narciscissors today!” Ryan Carroll, Chicago, Illinois.

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Summer and Smoke

Starring Cotinus ‘Grace.’ Here glimpsed through a frame of chains (This Year’s Folly). A confusion of smoke trees. The tropical Euphorbia cotinifolia is in the foreground, just now leafing out in June, a self-sown seedling from previous E. cotinifolias. Multi-stems … Continue reading

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Need A House? Call Ms. Mouse!

Meet my heroine, Ms. Henrietta Mouse. “…she is an artist, a designer, a dreamer, a builder, a creator, all that and more too.” The Venice Garden Tour got me thinking about Henrietta Mouse again, a children’s book that was a … Continue reading

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You know that great idea that’s burning a hole in your brain but then keeps slipping out through the hole in your pocket? Kickstarter can patch up that hole in your pocket. While you’re checking out the site, don’t miss … Continue reading

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Demolition Day

Locked in mortal combat with the most intractable, fearsome enemy you’ve ever encountered (alstroemeria), who shatters into multiples of evil when you lay glove on him. Just when you’re blinded by sweat pouring off your brow, face twisted in an … Continue reading

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