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Bloom Day May 2017 (and assorted garden projects)

Photo taken last night, when I still hoped I could squeak this post in under the Bloom Day deadline, the 15th of every month, and be righteously on time, but it was not to be. Flash of red is from … Continue reading

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Seaside Gardens, Carpinteria, Calif.

By now it’s fairly obvious that visiting plant nurseries and gardens are two of my favorite pursuits. The ultimate in garden touring is possible when occasionally, though all too rarely, both pursuits can be accomplished at one location. The list … Continue reading

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something different in an alstroemeria

The Alstromeria isabellana that I brought home from Far Reaches Farm in Port Townsend, Washington, opened its first bloom in my garden in Southern California a couple days ago. Sean Hogan had pointed it out to me in a display … Continue reading

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Demolition Day

Locked in mortal combat with the most intractable, fearsome enemy you’ve ever encountered (alstroemeria), who shatters into multiples of evil when you lay glove on him. Just when you’re blinded by sweat pouring off your brow, face twisted in an … Continue reading

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For the Vase

We had ferocious, 30-knot winds Wednesday. All night the old wooden house was buffeted and storm-tossed, creaking and groaning like she was about to slip her foundation moorings. The wind chimes clanged like alarm bells. I couldn’t sleep past 4 … Continue reading

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The Third Harmonic

It’s that time when the garden vibrates to the frequency of Alstroemeria ‘The Third Harmonic.’ The flowering stalks, when upright, graze my chin, and I’m 5’8.” This is a two-year-old clump, and it’s a good 5 feet across already. These … Continue reading

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