last day of March 2012

2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Before last week’s show in San Mateo, California, “Gardens For a Green Earth,” recedes into the dim past, just a few photos, not at all a comprehensive account. All photos taken by MB Maher at the preview on Tuesday, 3/20/12. “Windows,” Gold Medal Winner (Association of Professional Landscape Designers, American Society of Landscape Architects Award, […]

the most salient landscape feature of Los Angeles

has to be the parking lot.

“It’s estimated that there are three nonresidential parking spaces for every car in the United States. That adds up to almost 800 million parking spaces, covering about 4,360 square miles, an area larger than Puerto Rico. In some cities, like Orlando and Los Angeles, parking lots are estimated […]

my favorite garden show

is the one taking place at any given moment in my own backyard.

be it ever so humble and jumbled, chaotic, disheveled, contrary, exasperating, etc, etc.

That the show blithely carries on while I’m away is always slightly infuriating. More on a proper show, the 2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden […]

back in a few

While we’re away for a couple days for the San Francisco Flower & Garden show, Agave ‘Mr. Ripples’ will have to take over chin-scratching duties. Don’t wear him out, Joseph, okay?

Good or bad, inspired or tired, garden shows are the exclamation point to spring.

March couldn’t be a better time. The obsessive […]

garden obtainium

With surgical precision I pried this promising seedling up from the dry-laid bricks some months ago. I didn’t recognize its hirsute, corrugated leaf, so it had to be special, a salvia or verbascum possibly. By this time, all the volunteer seedlings from the garden are familiar in their early stages, and I know what to […]

Preview: San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2012

Only the first day of spring, yet garden show season has already arrived in many parts of the country. MB Maher was in attendance today at the preview to this year’s San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. Just a couple photos to whet, not spoil, the excitement.

Have you […]

the wispy side of spring

Insubstantial Sisyrinchium bellum, Blue-Eyed Grass, is an elusive subject for the camera due to its habit of shutting its petals around “magic” hour, that pre-sunrise/post-sunset window when a photographer can rarely go astray. Still, it’s an utterly charming denizen of path-side plantings. Modest, self-effacing, unobtrusive, all those old-fashioned virtues are embodied in this California […]

Occasional Daily Weather Report 3/18/12

High winds.

Foliage Followup March 2012

And then there’s the dodge of leaving projects directly underfoot so you’ll theoretically have no choice but to finish them. Does this trick ever work for anyone else? I just end up with a lot of stuff underfoot. Like these old iron cafe chairs I fished out of the mulch pile to be repainted for […]